Updated 13/3/20

We’re sure you’re aware of Coronavirus (COVID-19) and the measures the government is asking us to put in place.

Our delegates’ wellbeing, and doing our bit to prevent the spread of Coronavirus are our main concerns.

As of Wednesday 18th March, all of our public and in-house courses are being held on-line.

We are following Public Health England’s guidance which is updated every day at 2.00pm. You can find it here:  PHE

We are monitoring the situation and will be updating these Frequently Asked Questions as the situation develops.

For more information please contact us on info@aspire-leadership.co.uk




  1. I’m booked on a course – Is it still running?
  2. Yes. After the guidance became to work from home where possible Aspire Leadership moved all their courses online, so your course will be running at the same time, on the same date, and live. We’re contacting all our delegates with details of how to get on to our live virtual sessions.


  1. What do I need to attend the online course
  2. All you’ll need is an internet connection, a webcam and a microphone. A quiet place is a good idea or as quiet as you can manage. We’ll send you a link to join the training.


  1. My company has advised me not to attend external training courses, or my home set-up does not allow me to access virtual training am I able to rebook?
  2. Yes, you can postpone your place and have it rebooked to later in the year. Please contact us.


  1. Isn’t the online experience going to be inferior to the face-to face one?
  2. Our way of working has not changed, despite the change in medium – we’re offering the same individual attention and interactivity with small groups just in a virtual space rather than face to face. However, there will be certainly be some differences being part of a live virtual session.  The courses have been re-written to take into account the dynamics of not just learning remotely but applying those skills remotely as well.


  1. What else are you doing to support organisations?
  2. As well as our Online Live Public Courses and our Online Bespoke In-House courses, we have moved our one-to-one coaching  and team coaching. When people are feeling uncertain, and the situation is rapidly evolving, coaching can be a fantastic way for individuals and teams to reflect, problem solve and build confidence. For more information please contact us.


  1. If you cancel a training course, will I be eligible for a refund?
  2. If we cancel a course, we will refund you the amount you paid. If we postpone a course and you’re unable to attend a new date, we will refund you.


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