When I think about networking and building connections it reminds me of what happened when I recently posted online about an exciting development at work. I was surprised and delighted by the extent of the likes and positive comments I received. Now I know there are mighty algorithms doing their thing here, but it definitely delivered a little dose of dopamine and got me thinking about the people who had interacted with my post, some from many, many years and jobs ago!

These are people not just quietly sitting in my contacts list; they actively interacted with my content, albeit mostly with a simple click on the like button. They are people in my network doing similar things with multiple other contacts, on a massive scale, sending content, energy and messages along tiny invisible communication networks. It’s similar to how we know trees communicate.

Aspire Leadership is a corporate partner with the wonderful National Forest Company, the organisation responsible for leading the creation of the National Forest, a new wooded landscape in the Midlands. For obvious reasons it is our pleasure to support them.


Roots manoeuvres

New research tells us that trees are linked together through a complex underground network of tiny threads called Mycelium. Through these connections, trees can share nutrients, water and even warn each other of danger. The evidence so far suggests that being part of this network makes trees more resilient. That’s why The National Forest Company created their own Mycelium ecosystem of enterprising organisations that want to support the Forest and each other, to grow and become more sustainable.

Networking: Building Connections Rooted in Growth

Just like the interconnected root system of trees, our professional networks extend far beyond what we see on the surface. Much like the intricate web of mycelium beneath the forest floor, our connections with others in our field create a network of support, collaboration, and growth.

Building Strong Connections

At Aspire Leadership, we understand the importance of building strong connections. Just like mycelium, our network of professionals is interconnected, allowing ideas, opportunities, and support to flow freely. Here’s how you can build your own mycelium network:

1. Be Genuine:

Just as mycelium thrives on organic matter, genuine connections are built on authenticity. Be sincere in your interactions and seek to establish meaningful relationships.

2. Give and Take:

Networking is a two-way street. Offer support, advice, and resources to others in your network, and don’t hesitate to ask for help when you need it.

3. Nurture Your Network:

Like mycelium needs nourishment to thrive, your network requires care and attention. Stay in touch, follow up, and show appreciation for those in your professional circle.

The Power of Connection

Much like the mycelium network in nature, your professional network can provide support, guidance, and opportunities for growth. By fostering meaningful connections and nurturing those relationships, you can create a robust support system that will help you navigate the ups and downs of your career.

At Aspire Leadership, we believe in the power of networking and its ability to drive personal and professional growth. Just as mycelium connects the forest, our network connects professionals, providing a fertile ground for ideas to take root and flourish.

So, let’s build our own mycelium network, rooted in growth, connection, and mutual support. Together, we can achieve more than we ever thought possible.

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