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Communication skills

Our courses are delivered either live online or face to face.

Wouldn’t it be nice if everyone always easily understood not only everything we said but our exact meaning? And then acted upon it happily!

Unfortunately, sometimes there’s a mismatch between what we actually mean and how it’s interpreted by others.

  • How do we create the impact we choose?
  • How do we influence others so that we can be successful in getting things done?

Supporting staff in developing their communications skills and their confidence can make a big difference to the way your business operates. It means messages get delivered when they need to – even the most difficult ones. It means people can work together and cooperate creatively as a team. It means people can be great ambassadors for the company on a daily basis.

From assertiveness and personal impact to advanced techniques in networking and influencing skills, all of our courses will be tailored to suit your individual needs and style.

In addition to those below, further online courses are now available. Click here for further information.

Explore our courses:

Influencing & Communication Skills

We know that we can’t change other people but we can change our own behaviour to create a different effect. On this popular course we explore the meaning of emotional intelligence and practice different choices to communicate effectively and motivate, influence, and persuade others up and down the management chain.

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Communication Skills Training

On our Communication Skills course we explore the dynamics of communication, covering body language, voice, and use of space, with innovative techniques to support the most effective communication skills. We unpick real, challenges in communication from your life and work and learn how to tackle misunderstandings and move towards conflict resolution.

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Personal Impact and Assertiveness Skills

In our one day Personal Impact and Assertiveness Training Course we explore personal impact, how to make an impact and how to change it, what we mean by assertiveness, how it works, and how inappropriate levels can impact on our relationships with others. We provide useful, practical tools for improving your impact on a daily basis.

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Making Our Diverse Voices Heard

As part of any organisational EDI strategy, it is critical that traditionally marginalised groups and individuals feel able to speak out, assert their point of view, and challenge the status quo.
This workshop sits alongside our Bridging the Gap and Creating Inclusive Team programmes, which seek to dismantle the systemic barriers to hearing diverse voices.
Our course seeks to challenge individual and cultural barriers to speaking out. The aim is  empower and upskill the individuals in diverse groups so they can make their voices heard.

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