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Archive for February, 2020

Does a good leader have to be an effective delegator?

Posted by Doron Davidson

Does a good leader have to be an effective delegator? This, for some, is a rhetorical question with the only possible answer being Yes. For others, effective delegation is not a must in order to be able to lead. Many leaders consider their direct involvement in every aspect of the day-to-day running of the business to be the best way to ensure its success and growth.

Well, I’m here to argue for the former, as a firm believer that effective delegation is an important milestone in the journey to becoming a good leader.

I also see effective delegation as an integral aspect of the overall psychological safety of a team. Ultimately, if you’re looking out for your workers’ psychological safety, that in itself is a real indicator of good leadership in my book!

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Instant Messaging – Ultimate Control or Wellbeing Minefield ?

Posted by Doug Osborne

Instant messaging as a primary way of communicating is rapidly becoming the go-to way of keeping on top of business comms.

Here are some interesting figures:

43% of US companies – across all sectors – are using instant messaging as a primary means of comms, in some sectors like tech this figure rises to nearly 80%.

Hence in niche tech enclaves like the film media in Soho, London you won’t find desks with phones anymore. A leading creative from an established agency said,

We don’t need them…we can stay completely up to the moment on any project with a well organized Slack feed

So is email and actually speaking to people becoming something of a generational relic?


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