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Archive for the ‘Team Dynamics’ Category

3 top tips for increased virtual connection in teams

Posted by Jessica Sedler

Did you know that relative to weight, the strength of a spider’s web rivals steel?

And some webs are so large, they can stretch across rivers and lakes?

These seemingly invisible silk threads are much more powerful than we give them credit for. Pause for a moment, and consider: how are the invisible strands of connection between you and your team right now? And how, as they stretch across physical distance, might you be able to increase their strength at this time?

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Psychological Safety – what is it all about?

Posted by Beth Hood

It’s one of the leadership buzz terms of our age, but what is psychological safety? What is it all about, actually?

It was a phrase popularised as result of a large-scale piece of analysis conducted by Google in 2012 – codenamed Project Aristotle. The aim of the project was to determine what made high-performing teams from across Google’s business so great.

What were the factors, unique to successful teams, that set them apart from other parts of the business? Read more

Courageous common sense is the easy approach to effective leadership

Posted by Liz McKechnie

In the world of leadership training there’s a closely guarded secret and here it is: courageous common sense is the easy approach to effective leadership.

The problem here is that common sense is not necessarily very common and courage maybe less so….

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