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Archive for the ‘workplace wellbeing’ Category

The importance of shared responsibility and autonomy in the system for teams

Posted by Ian Guyah-Low

Shared responsibility through having autonomy in the system has led the England rugby team to the brink of a quarter-final place, winning three consecutive matches in the process.

The Rugby World Cup 2023 has descended on France, all eyes at home and abroad were fixated on the England team, their World Cup opener versus the Argentinian Pumas.

Saturday, 9th September, played at the State Velodrome, Marseille, 63,118 in attendance was the perfect backdrop to tighten the screw on an England team that had lost six of its previous nine matches. To put this in perspective, England had lost five of their last six.

Many, were baying for blood, the media eyeing its prey ready to inject its venomous bite into an English jugular. Read more

Stories – what’s the point?

Posted by Carolyn Defrin

At Aspire, we integrate personal stories into our training rooms as a way to lift theories off the page and offer an additional lens through which to understand ourselves and our colleagues in the workplace and the first question we ask is:

What’s the point?

The smell of a freshly sharpened pencil

The taste of a New York slice of cheese pizza

The sight of a giant oak tree standing tall without its leaves against winter’s dimming light

Our senses stir up powerful images, offering us a portal into numerous stories from our own lives. Read more

What is your meaning and purpose in life?

Posted by Ian Guyah-Low

What is your meaning and purpose in life? Can you answer what theoretically is a simple question? Most of us will have heard people say ‘live life to the fullest’ whether it be friends, family, parents or colleagues but  what does that actually mean?

It wasn’t until March 21st 2006 when I truly understood the essence of that statement.

I began a journey as a rugby player diagnosed with a potentially life-threatening heart condition. Big existential questions circulated for a while as I tried in earnest to make sense of my new ‘forced’ identity. Questions such as ‘Why me?’, ‘Who am I if not the rugby player?’

Read more