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Senior Leadership Skills – Core, Culture, and Community

A three-day senior leadership development programme with pre and post-course coaching

Being a senior leader in the current climate requires fresh approaches. It requires skills to both respond to – and initiate – significant change.

Perhaps you are an experienced leader who:

  • Is caught in the weeds and struggles to see the bigger picture.
  • Feels drained by dealing with fires, headaches and politics.
  • Is wondering how you and your organisation add value now and in the future.

You might want to:

  • Shift your focus to think more strategically.
  • Inspire and empower your people to be autonomous and fulfil their potential.
  • Transform your organisation to walk the talk of its values.

This senior leadership programme is ideal for experienced leaders who want to intentionally and strategically address these challenges. You will consider fresh approaches to lead organisational change in a sustainable and genuine way.

Over three days you will focus on leading in line with your core values, strengths and purpose; intentionally shaping team and organisational culture; and consciously contributing to your organisation’s or team’s impact in the broader community.


You will answer these questions:

  • What is working and why?
  • What isn’t working and why?
  • If I do nothing – what then?
  • If I take action – what then?

Grounded in business psychology, creativity, and the latest practices in ethical leadership, the immersive programme is led by expert facilitators who will coach, support and challenge you to deepen your leadership mindsets and behaviours.  You will work with a cohort of other senior leaders from a mix of sectors and backgrounds, making this a richly rewarding and connective experience.

Because every leader is unique and your situation is individual, we will flex the design of the programme to fit the needs of the small group of leaders attending.

So, alongside the three-day intensive programme, you will receive:


A pre-course call to ensure the programme is the right investment for you and your business.

Pre-course 1:1 Coaching with an Aspire Leadership Executive Coach to identify and clarify your leadership goals and tailor the programme for them.·

A post-course group coaching session to embed your learning into your day-to-day leadership practice.

A cohort of fellow leaders to lean into for support and perspective and to grow your network.

This blended programme combines the latest leadership theory with dynamic in-person facilitation, online small-group and one-to-one coaching sessions, and plenty of reflective practice.

You will leave more confident and equipped to navigate complex challenges and lead your organisation in a changing environment.


Senior Leadership Learning Outcomes

As a result of attending this three-day Senior Leadership training course you will:

  • Gain clarity by tapping into a more strategic perspective.
  • Apply your core – values, purpose, wisdom and strengths – to your leadership style and decision-making.
  • Envision, shape and refine your organisational culture to live its values and purpose.
  • Use inclusion, psychological safety, and resilience to embed and sustain your organisational culture.
  • Develop your systems-thinking skills to navigate uncertainty and change.
  • Design the impact you want to have on your organisational, local, or global community.
  • Create a continuous growth plan for yourself as a leader.
  • Peer-coach fellow senior leaders and build a network of close contacts for the future.


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09.30 – 17.00 (UK time)


Face to Face - £4000 (Early bird £3200)
all + VAT



We asked three of our Senior Consultants about the “3Cs” for Leaders

Annemarie Estess – Core – our centre as leaders.

“We view it as a combination of inner resources: our values, purpose, wisdom, and strengths.

Our values serve as guides when we’re making decisions and choosing how we want to show up and be in any given situation. Our different values can be like different angles of a prism.

We can look through each angle as we view a situation and consider what it would look like if we approached the situation from there.

This practice gives us a structure for making thoughtful, values-led decisions.

Knowing our purpose as a leader — how we want to contribute and be of service in our lives — helps us find direction and sustain our drive. It serves as a tether when we face many competing pressures to lead in one way or another.

So can our wisdom.

Which is why on this programme we explore our ability to listen to multiple sources of wisdom, access different perspectives, and connect to a sense of what matters from the birds’ eye view.

Knowing our strengths as a leader, and being humble about the fact that we cannot be strong at everything, can help us feel more energised, ask for help in the areas where we’re less strong, and free up ourselves and our colleagues to all make better use of our gifts.

By tapping into these resources we have more fuel and direction to navigate the pressures that inevitably show up when we’re leading people, shaping culture, and solving hard problems.’


Jessica Sedler – Culture – the thread that binds an organisation together

“Leaders cannot lead alone.

And they draw on the resources of their core they need to galvanise the people around them and establish purpose within their organisation. Shared understanding of purpose is as important for what the organisation is doing as it is for how they are doing it.

Change is unsettling – leaders need to build safety in their teams for the whole system to work through it and share vulnerability to build mutual understanding, empathy and support.

Leaders can do that by enabling autonomy – empowering their team to make decisions and act within the system.  Understanding how individuals respond, relate within their teams, and then how these teams come together as whole organisational system is a key skill for Senior Leaders to deliver lasting change.”


Pradeep Jeyaratnam Joyner – Community – the wider impact of our organisation

“One of the big shifts in recent times within the world of work is the increased awareness of organisations’ impact on the broader world and vice versa.

Leadership decisions and organisational culture have impact. And those impacts, whether environmental or social, are increasingly part of organisations’ reputations as corporate citizens and potential employers.

Likewise, events in the wider public sphere impact our workforce, their engagement, and what they want from their organisational leaders.

These can include the advent of new technologies or changing social attitudes.

Leaders must balance the organisation’s operational needs and the wider repercussions, which can be a day-to-day challenge for the head, heart, and gut.

So, Senior Leaders must gain skills to examine and shape the broader impact of their decisions without being drawn into the everyday “noise” of operations.

A leader must also build their ability to navigate the impact of the wider world on their organisations without being adrift in the “silence” of uncertainty.

So, we’ve designed the programme to help leaders build confidence and competence in both areas and ensure their community decisions align with their core and organisational culture.”