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Team, Individual, Leadership & Executive Coaching

Coaching sessions are available live with our coaches face-to-face, online, or on the phone.

At Aspire Leadership we offer two types of coaching  – for teams and for individuals for those that want to go Above and Beyond training.

To find out more about who you might want to work with, their particular interests, experience and backgrounds, see more details about our expert coaches.

Team Coaching

Have you ever been on a ‘dream team’?

Sometimes we think that ‘dream team’ magic happens only by chance.

At Aspire, we know that it can be consciously created.  We work with teams to strengthen the positivity and productivity of the team as a whole.

See more on our team coaching offering here.

Individual Coaching

Choosing an executive coach for you as an individual is an important step in personal development. The right executive coach can help you to understand yourself, change your business and personal life, and become more satisfied and fulfilled than ever before.

We work with a wide range of issues including leadership style, personal branding, self-belief, focus, achieving success, putting things off, managing difficult relationships, understanding conflict and conflict resolution, deciding on a future path and general self-awareness.

Executive & Leadership Coaching

The Aspire Leadership executive coaching experience is completely confidential and very personal; delving into your conscious and unconscious values, beliefs, motivators and sense of identity.

In order to choose the right executive coach for you, you need to consider carefully what you are trying to achieve, what sort of style you will be comfortable with and the sort of background, training and experience you expect your coach to have.

We’re happy to talk to you about your executive coaching needs on a no-obligation basis, so you can judge whether you have found the right coach for you.

We tailor our coaching offer to suit your needs, whether that’s a one-off 2-hour face-to-face or online coaching session on a particular issue, or executive coaching on an ongoing basis. A popular option is to take a block of 6 hours of coaching, delivered as a mix of face-to-face, online, and/or telephone sessions.

Aspire Leadership have been working with people in senior leadership positions and at director and executive board level for many years (more than we care to count). We know that the people we work with will already be successful in their careers and will be interested in progressing further in a way that is authentic and fits both with who they are, and with the values and culture of the organisation.

Sometimes the support given in one session can be the skills/confidence boost that is needed. Some clients find a six-session programme of executive coaching, based around one-to-one sessions over several months, works very successfully. Many executives do prefer ongoing support with tailored time frames and the coaching can be extended as required.

Initial sessions are usually two-hours long, with follow-on sessions planned at sixty or ninety minutes each. Telephone check-in between sessions is also available and included in the fee.


What does a typical coaching programme look like?

Each of our executive coaching programmes is tailored to the individual and their goals and specific growth requirements. All the focus is on the individual, helping them identify and build on their strengths and to develop, extend and refine their leadership capacity.

Our coaching is always action-focused with an emphasis on realistic, effective and achievable outcomes – working with senior individuals to create long-lasting, embedded change. An action plan is often agreed on at the end of each session. This is based upon the work completed during the session, on the elements the individual would like to focus on, and on the Executive Coach’s recommendations.

Executive Coaching Content

While we are aware that, should you decide to work with us, there will be a specific brief – we also know honing skills in a variety of areas can be valuable. A selection of topics clients supported through executive coaching have found helpful follows:

Brand building, as an individual and team

Communicating to different levels in the organisation (up, parallel and down)

Creating a chosen impact

Dealing with information asymmetry

Delegating with ease

Delivering difficult or uncomfortable messages

Empowering others

Enhanced Influencing skills and

Expanding personal spheres of influence

Facilitating meetings

Getting people committed to projects

Getting things done with ease

High-level presentation skills

Increasing personal confidence in a range of different situations

Increasing personal value within an organisation

Influencing skills

Leading and managing teams

Managing conflict

Managing complex stakeholders

Managing personal time

Motivating others and inspiring others

Negotiation skills Partnership working

Perception in the organisation

Personal impact

Performance Appraisals

Preparation for interviewing staff


Setting appropriate boundaries

Strengthening core self-esteem

Tools and techniques for working with emotional intelligence

Understanding personal style (self and others)

Book a coaching session

Email us info@aspire-leadership.co.uk or call 020 3286 5446 to book a coaching session.

Our Coaches

Tee Dobinson

Tee Dobinson

Tee's coaching is calm and kind. She underpins psychotherapeutic principles with an emphasis on understanding where you are now, where you want to be and providing practical ways to get you there.

Find out more
Jessica Sedler

Jessica Sedler

Works with her clients to take control of the impact they are having on those around them - be that their teams, their boards, or their clients.

Find out more
Matteo Trevisan

Matteo Trevisan

Matteo has travelled widely and has a truly international background. As a scientist, teacher and coach his creativity and enthusiasm is invaluable to clients and colleagues throughout Europe.

Find out more
Pradeep Jeyaratnam-Joyner

Pradeep Jeyaratnam-Joyner

An empathetic and constructive practical approach to stretch and develop you to solve problems and develop skills.

Find out more
Annemarie Estess

Annemarie Estess

Working primarily with rising leaders, Annemarie serves as a thought partner and confidant for her clients, helping them realise their full potential and feel truly strong, connected and fulfilled. 

Find out more
Ian Low

Ian Low

Ian brings a blended approach from coaching and applied sport psychology, deeply rooted in principles underpinned by scientific research and layered on personal experiences as a high-performance athlete.

Find out more
Thulasi Mohanadas

Thulasi Mohanadas

As a Psychologist and Executive Coach, Thulasi brings her natural curiosity, compassion, and warmth to her coaching, all grounded in scientific research

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Lucy Timmons

Lucy Timmons

Enjoys working with senior and executive leaders and supporting them as they reconnect with their inner resources and intuition. This creates a sense of empowerment and alignment with who they are and what they do.

Find out more
Andrew Macklin

Andrew Macklin

His integrative coaching is focused on helping people to develop more satisfying, sustainable and fulfilling approaches to managing their work-lives and career.

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Kate Lewis

Kate Lewis

Kate is a kind, playful, and empathetic coach who provides the energy and space for clients to feel motivated and inspired, and believe that anything is possible

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