Leadership Skills, Presentation Skills, Management and Communication Skills Training – all available face-to-face, or online on Zoom or a platform of your choice

All our training courses are tailored to the client’s specific needs and then moulded again on the day to the needs of the people in the room – whether that’s face-to-face or online.

Of course, everyone says they tailor the work.

You don’t have just one fitting for a wedding dress. One of our key superpowers is that our work is tailored on a granular level, not only to the organisation and the team but on the day and in the moment, to meet individual needs.

The sessions are highly interactive with live facilitation using challenges, small groups, breakout rooms, video, visuals etc. They are full of practical tips, tools and techniques that people can use immediately in the workplace whether working remotely or face-to-face.

Our Face-to-Face or Online Training

With the majority of our clients, we provide two trainers for each small group of up to 6 on our presentation skills courses and up to 10 on all other courses.

Why two trainers? Well, with two trainers we make the best use of the valuable time that your staff spend away from their desks. They receive more individual side-coaching, more tailoring to their specific needs and two sets of knowledge and experience to draw on. There are two voices in the room, doubling the chance of them hearing, understanding and engaging with the learning.

Of course, because our programmes are bespoke, we can tailor them in a way that suits your practical requirements, whether that’s varying the group size or the number of trainers.

Elite Face-to-Face or Online Training

If you’re looking for something more specialised, we are adept at creating in depth development programmes, for example our immersive development centres for XPS,  or our multi-module long-term development programmes for Rabobank.

This can include using some of our Other Services and partners like Creative Team Events.

We are creative in providing practical tools designed to be easily accessible and experiential ways for the theory to stick.

Bite Size Face-to-Face or Online

Sometimes, time is so precious that a full day of training is just not feasible. Our bite-size training courses may fit the bill. We can provide a training course so your staff can check in before work (our Breakfast Bite sessions) or during their lunch break (you guessed it—the Lunch Bite sessions). You can try one out at one of our breakfast taster events listed on our booking page

Sample Training Programmes

For an example of the sort of training courses we provide take a look at our sample programmes – remember that we tailor our training courses to your needs, so if you don’t see what you need just ask!

Our Approach to In-House Training


Our design process is tailored to fit our client’s needs and resources. Some clients like to consult through meetings or delegate surveys. Some like to start with a blank sheet of paper, and some want to use a sample programme as the basis for further discussion. We find the right way to work with you to create your desired programme.



The people doing the consultation and design are usually the same trainers who will work in the rooms with your delegates. So, your training team will understand your organisation, your needs, and your people before they start the training session.

Our consultants are selected and trained internally to have flexibility and depth.

We have a community of trainers who share their ideas and experiences in internal training programmes, support each other and care about the values and the work.

In the training room, we use a blend of theory, practice, and reflection to accommodate different learning preferences and to help each participant learn the most appropriate tools to support them according to their individual styles and situations in the workplace.

Our consultants are adept at modifying processes and making small shifts in the room to address situations or needs that arise in the moment. We deliver the core programme objectives while ensuring participants get what they need to meet their current challenges.



With our in-house programmes, we will discuss and recommend ways to keep the learning “sticky” and applied on an ongoing basis. This can create real behavioural change with immediate results.

We will design the best way to keep your people engaged following the programme, with options like:

Follow-Up Documents

Peer coaching

Action Learning Sets

Facilitated Group Coaching

Team Coaching

1:1 Executive Coaching


We don’t take lightly the investment a business makes in developing its people. Training has a financial, time, and opportunity cost, and it is vital that any business sees a return on this investment.

So, our final aspect of tailoring is creating an evaluation that is relevant to each course and gives useful information for ongoing people development.