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Gender differences: the real science behind them

Posted by Kitty Bertenshaw

On our Women In Management Course we explore the truth behind gender differences.

When scientific research on gender differences is published or publicly discussed, newspaper headlines would often have you believe that there are major hardwired differences between the brains of males and females.

Is this really the case?

In the lecture embedded below psychologist, philosopher, and writer, Cordelia Fine demonstrates how newspapers and even scientists take these studies out of context and create or exaggerate gender differences in the brain without  providing the evidence:

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Feedback Conversations Online

Posted by Matteo Trevisan

Let’s talk about feedback conversations online.

It’s challenging in person, even more so online.

But let me ask you first,

Would you feel safer knowing people were honest with their feedback, or if they

withheld opinion or obscured their truth?

The answer seems pretty obvious yet our reactions don’t always match our


It would be great if everyone took the attitude that Marcus Aurelius took,

one of the great emperors of the Roman empire and Stoic Philosopher:

If anyone can refute me‚ show me I’m making a mistake or looking at things from the wrong perspective‚ I’ll gladly change.

It’s the truth I’m after.


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Supporting wellbeing while working remotely

Posted by Annemarie Estess

With so many of us working remotely and generally spending time apart, how can we take care of our mental, emotional and social wellbeing?

Working from home…

This used to be a statement of freedom and flexibility. In the era of COVID-19 it’s becoming a phrase that brings up mixed emotions and logistical complexity.

Here in the UK we don’t yet know a timeline, but likely in the coming weeks and months many people will be working remotely either by requirement or by preference. 

Reframe the phrase 

It may seem minor but the language we use can influence our experience of this situation. Terms like “isolating”, “lockdown” and “social distancing” sound like fast tracks to anxiety and loneliness. 

For the sake of our sanity it’s important that we get clear about what we are really doing and for what purpose: physically distancing ourselves to help minimise transmission risk. We can choose to talk about it as being physically distant and socially connected

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