Our courses are delivered either live online or face to face – check dates below for more information

This is our most popular and practical programme, based on real workplace issues.

Whether you’re a line manager who has never had any training, or you just need some re-assurance that you’re managing people in the best possible way, this course is particularly relevant for you.

Maybe you find it difficult to give feedback, to delegate, or to manage people who are also your friends.

Our two-day line management training is suitable for both new line managers wanting to find out what a line manager should be doing, and more experienced people managers who want to brush up on key skills.

We cover topics such as delegation, motivation, performance management, giving feedback while maintaining a good working relationship, time management, setting targets, coaching staff, running appraisals and handling conflict. And, with the current challenges facing many of us in the workplace, we’re looking at effective ways to manage people remotely.

We provide real insight, with tools and techniques that can be used immediately to increase your confidence and capability as a manager.

The course is truly tailored to the level of experience and the needs of the delegates in the room on the day. And we give lots of side-coaching on real situations.


Line Management Learning Outcomes

As a result of attending our line management training courses you will:

  • Understand the line management role and responsibilities
  • Recognise the qualities and strengths you have as a line manager
  • Adapt to the challenges of managing others remotely
  • Be able to delegate and set expectations for your staff
  • Develop your own personal coaching style
  • Know how to motivate and inspire others to deliver
  • Understand how to give effective feedback and manage performance
  • Be able to prioritise and manage time effectively for you and the team
  • Know how to run an effective appraisal
  • Recognise different styles within your team and how to manage them
  • Improve your ability to deal with difficult people and situations
  • Understand how to defuse conflict situations

Depending on the needs of the participants, we will run exercises around:

  • The Line Management role – what it involves
  • Your Personal Management Style
  • Managing Remotely
  • Delegation – when and how to do it
  • Setting Objectives – achievable and audacious goals
  • Coaching as a Management Tool
  • Clear Management Communication
  • Authority – what it is and how you get it
  • Influencing and Persuading
  • Motivating Staff – so they want to do the things you ask
  • Managing Different Personality Types
  • Managing Expectations
  • Performance Management – when performance is good and when it’s not
  • Giving Effective Feedback – and maintaining the relationship
  • Difficult Messages – how to speak out even when it feels difficult
  • Conflict Management – an alternative to fight or flight
  • Managing Change
  • Time Management – identifying and juggling priorities