Our diverse and multi-talented team provides a range of services that complement our training and coaching programmes, including:

Psychometric Testing and Personality Assessment

We can provide facilitators certified to use the following tools:

TRACOM Social Styles

Based on Jungian psychology the TRACOM Social Styles model distinguishes itself by being easy to learn and apply, encouraging versatility and flexibility when interacting with different people. The model looks primarily at how people communicate through observable behaviour, and how that in turn affects group decision making.


One of the oldest and most used of the psychometric models, the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator brings to life the theory of psychological types originally described by Carl Jung. Exploring how we each gain energy, take in information, make decisions and structure the world around us can greatly help us to understand ourselves, each other and make constructive use of difference at work.

Saville Assessments Wave

Wave is a comprehensive suite of assessment tools looking at workplace performance and potential, using comprehensive norm data for benchmarking. The personality questionnaires identify workplace talent, skills and motivations and are recognised by the British Psychological Society for their high level of validity.


Spotlight is a profiling tool crafted from the science of Performance Psychology and born out of elite performance. It is the only tool that focuses on how changing mindsets can change behaviour and help individuals and teams to increase their self-awareness, and shift their habitual ways of working. Spotlight moves beyond a traditional personality tool to becoming a way of thinking that aims to make a lasting difference to the way people and the world interacts.


Team Diagnostic Assessment

Most often used at the start of a Team Coaching process, this tool from Team coaching international helps teams become aware of their current performance as measured against ‘positivity’ and ‘productivity’ factors. From here, teams are more able to collectively increase their scores by leaning into their strengths and head toward optimal high performance.


Whether you’re organising a conference for thousands or a small event for your team, we can make it go with a swing with a range of options including:

Role Play

Life is not a rehearsal. Except when using drama-based techniques to practise or road test behavioural skills!

We use specially trained business actors and run workshops and development centres on a variety of behavioural topics from ‘difficult conversations’ to ‘client management’ and ‘pitching’.

Roleplay enables participants to learn experientially, to gain increased awareness, confidence and skill.

Keynote Speaking

Many of our trainers are regular keynote speakers. They each combine experience, audience engagement and great humour to make your event go with a swing.

Tee Dobinson

A charismatic speaker, award-winning author and kindness advocate. Learn more

Ian Low

A story of courage and perseverance in high performance sport. Learn more

Team Building

We work closely with Creative Team Events to build team events that combine fun activities with some serious work.


We deliver our training in English, French, Spanish and Italian, online or face-to-face, across the globe.

Elearning like you’ve never seen it before!

We can provide many different, high quality, blended learning options designed to support the face-to-face training or to stand alone including: