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Archive for the ‘Presentation skills’ Category

3 Tips to Become a More Confident & Engaging Presenter 

Posted by Annemarie Estess

When I was 8 years old I gave my first speech to an audience of 300+ schoolmates.

It was terrifying, and I’m pretty sure I rushed my way through it to get it over with.

So in the decades since I’ve done all sorts of things to become more confident as a presenter.

  • Asked friends and colleagues to watch me speak and give feedback
  • Taken courses in presentation skills and pubic speaking
  • Watched TED Talks and tried to adopt their techniques

Each of these has helped me build confidence and skill and cultivate my own style.

But if I had to begin again, this is the guidance I wish I’d had when learning to present ideas in a clear, connected and engaging way…


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Stories – what’s the point?

Posted by Carolyn Defrin

At Aspire, we integrate personal stories into our training rooms as a way to lift theories off the page and offer an additional lens through which to understand ourselves and our colleagues in the workplace and the first question we ask is:

What’s the point?

The smell of a freshly sharpened pencil

The taste of a New York slice of cheese pizza

The sight of a giant oak tree standing tall without its leaves against winter’s dimming light

Our senses stir up powerful images, offering us a portal into numerous stories from our own lives. Read more

The ultimate skill for fabulous presentations

Posted by Annemarie Estess

Want to make fabulous presentations that are clearer and more compelling for non-technical audiences?

Here’s 1 unexpected skill that can help…

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