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A One Day Personal Impact and Assertiveness Training Course

Understanding how you come across to others is at the heart of good communication skills. Being able to choose your response to any given situation rather than adopting a knee jerk reaction gives you more control over the impact you have, and behaving assertively without spilling over into aggression is a great skill to acquire.

But what’s the secret?

Our patterns of behaviour are fairly deep seated so becoming a very assertive person in adult life is difficult if you haven’t had much practice. That’s why we need to start with small steps. And of course one size does not fit all.

So this programme explores how to actively create the impact you choose without needing a personality transplant!

Personal Impact and Assertiveness Skills Learning Outcomes

Participants on this course will explore:

  • The dynamics of communication and personal impact
  • Their patterns of behaviour
  • How their patterns impact on others

And learn how to:

  • Change body language for a different impact
  • Turn up or down different qualities to achieve a goal
  • Deliver clear and concise messages that get things done
  • Put their attention on their intention to change their impact
  • Feel more confident to speak out at meetings
  • Set boundaries for others
  • Deal with difficult people
  • Say no without saying no
  • Use assertive language

Here are some of the exercises we may include in our Assertiveness Training Course:

  • Communication Dynamics
  • Body Language
  • Listening Skills
  • Assumptions
  • Making an Impact
  • Changing Your Impact
  • Clear Communication
  • Assertive and Aggressive – the spectrum
  • Setting Boundaries and Expectations
  • Speaking Out
  • Turning Assertiveness Up and Down
  • Assertive Language
  • A Nice No
  • Pushing Back
  • The Aspire Toolkit

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