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Diversity – How can we be truly inclusive?

After the last 2 years we have lived through as a society, it is fair to say we might all be emotionally scarred in some way or another. Our sense of self has taken a toll, we are recalibrating priorities, detangling what has shaped us, who we are, where we really want to be and where do we belong. Belonging, as the social tribes we are, is the glue that binds us together.

But how can we foster belonging as individuals and as extended microcosmos of society (i.e. organisations)?

When considering diversity – how can we be truly inclusive?

How can we be active allies and move the needle from simple passive bystanding?

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Creating collaboration and trust – not silos!

Part of a leader’s job is to focus on creating collaboration and trust – not silos – in  teams and organisations.  High performance is likely to occur when organisations are able to work easily across functions.

However, when the pressure is on or something goes wrong, what we often see is people pulling outwards, going into a self-preservation mindset and disappearing into their silos.

What is the reason?

It can be a two-fold problem boiling down to a lack of ‘psychological safety’ established throughout the organisational culture and outdated hierarchal structures that are rigid and inflexible. Read more

What is your meaning and purpose in life?

What is your meaning and purpose in life? Can you answer what theoretically is a simple question? Most of us will have heard people say ‘live life to the fullest’ whether it be friends, family, parents or colleagues but  what does that actually mean?

It wasn’t until March 21st 2006 when I truly understood the essence of that statement.

I began a journey as a rugby player diagnosed with a potentially life-threatening heart condition. Big existential questions circulated for a while as I tried in earnest to make sense of my new ‘forced’ identity. Questions such as ‘Why me?’, ‘Who am I if not the rugby player?’

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