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Team Coaching

Coaching sessions are still available live with our coaches online or on the phone!

Have you ever been on a ‘dream team’? 

It might have been in or out of the workplace; in a choir, on a sports team or on a committee, where the team felt united, powerful, focussed, and where the work was achieved easily in an atmosphere you enjoyed? 

Sometimes we think that ‘dream team’ magic happens only by chance. 

At Aspire, we know that it can be consciously created.  We work with teams to strengthen the positivity and productivity of the team as a whole. 

Over a series of fun, interactive and in-depth sessions, our practical team coaching approach builds awareness and skill in the team as one team – not just as separate individuals – so that the team can move out of old patterns of behaviour, choose new strategies and truly fulfil its potential. 

We help teams to achieve: 

  • Higher team morale and trust
  • Open, effective communication 
  • Constructive handling of conflict 
  • Creative and innovate thinking
  • A values-based culture
  • Shared purpose 
  • Clearly defined roles and responsibilities 
  • Increased empathy and unity

This is more than just team-building; this is change at a fundamental, relational level that is both transformational and sustainable. 

How will you create your dream team at work? 

Contact us now to find out more and to book your team coaching session.