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Management skills

Our courses are delivered either live online or face to face.

At Aspire Leadership, we provide a range of management training courses to suit everyone from new appointments to senior managers.

We cover essential management skills such as line management (including people management skills), performance management, project management and change management.

Many managers are promoted to the management role because they’re good at their existing job. They’re often expected to step up with little or no management training and many do so with amazing competence. We know that most managers welcome help in the form of new knowledge, insight, tools, tips and techniques and, in particular, performance management training.

Our management training courses are particularly suitable for people looking to gain a range of new skills in management and for those hoping to explore and understand different management styles.

In addition to those below, further online courses are now available. Click here for further information.


Explore our courses:

Line Management Training

One of our most successful two day courses, for new and experienced line managers. Our line management training course covers key areas such as managing remotely, setting expectations, delegating, motivating people, giving feedback, performance management, understanding conflict and conflict resolution.

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Women in Management

For women in management or leadership positions who want to progress to the next level without becoming a man, this one day training course explores the gender gap and effective ways to bridge it.

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Coaching for High Performance

Coaching and Performance management are key skills for managers to learn and the pressure can grow as the time for appraisals draws near. So in addition to setting expectations, giving feedback and handling conflict we cover the formalities of the appraisal process and interview so that they are really valuable rather than simply a tick box exercise.

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Project Management Training Course

Even with the best project plan it can be difficult to ensure that everyone delivers on time and on budget. So this one day Project Management course focuses on people management with some technical stuff thrown in too, like GANTT charts, critical paths and work breakdown structures.

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Creating an Inclusive Team

As managers part of our role is to uphold the  values of  our organisation, and  ensure that people are able to bring their whole selves to the workplace. The organisation needs to feel inclusive to all aspects of difference beyond the aspects protected by law.
Crucial components of this mindset are understanding  how Unconscious Bias can affect our decision making and how team cultures are created and maintained. We need to understand the actions we can take to maintain and promote inclusivity.
This training programme aims to get past any defensiveness and create an open and safe space for people to explore the ideas.

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Tailored to You

We specialize in developing Management training courses that suit the company and the individual so if you don’t see what you want here, give us a call and we will design something for you.

We’re happy to run our Management training courses on your premises, at our London offices or at any third party venue.