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Courageous common sense is the easy approach to effective leadership

In the world of leadership training there’s a closely guarded secret and here it is: courageous common sense is the easy approach to effective leadership.

The problem here is that common sense is not necessarily very common and courage maybe less so….

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Making New Year’s resolutions about relationships and people, not things

This year I want to focus my New Year’s resolutions on relationships and people, not things.

Yes – January is in full swing. How are the new year’s resolutions going? Did you make any?

I did. I vowed to attempt less screen time, especially before bed. I now keep my phone downstairs and read my Christmas present novel under the duvet, with a smug smile on my face. Fairly easy to tick off. And it’s this sort of stuff we decide to set goals for ourselves about isn’t it?


I want to lose a stone
I want to start running
I want to drink more water
I want to drink less wine…

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Presenting A Matter of Life and Death

We like to publish short accounts of the work we do with some of our clients from time to time. (You can find some of them here).

I’ve been putting off writing one about my favourite clients for some time now. So this weekend, as I returned from delivering a session on Presenting with Confidence at their annual conference in Liverpool, I decided to dig deep to understand why I was procrastinating.

And the rather surprising answer is that it’s because it really is a matter of life and death.

Let me explain….

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