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Gender differences: the real science behind them

On our Women In Management Course we explore the truth behind gender differences.

When scientific research on gender differences is published or publicly discussed, newspaper headlines would often have you believe that there are major hardwired differences between the brains of males and females.

Is this really the case?


In the lecture embedded below psychologist, philosopher, and writer, Cordelia Fine demonstrates how newspapers and even scientists take these studies out of context and create or exaggerate gender differences in the brain without  providing the evidence:
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Feedback Conversations Online

Let’s talk about feedback conversations online. It’s challenging in person, even more so online.

But let me ask you first, Would you feel safer knowing people were honest with their feedback, or if they withheld opinion or obscured their truth? The answer seems pretty obvious yet our reactions don’t always match our intentions. It would be great if everyone took the attitude that Marcus Aurelius took, one of the great emperors of the Roman empire and Stoic Philosopher:

If anyone can refute me‚ show me I’m making a mistake or looking at things from the wrong perspective‚ I’ll gladly change.

It’s the truth I’m after.

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3 top tips for increased virtual connection in teams

Did you know that relative to weight, the strength of a spider’s web rivals steel?

And some webs are so large, they can stretch across rivers and lakes?

These seemingly invisible silk threads are much more powerful than we give them credit for. Pause for a moment, and consider: how are the invisible strands of connection between you and your team right now? And how, as they stretch across physical distance, might you be able to increase their strength at this time?

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