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Archive for November, 2019

Productivity: Do less – get more?

Posted by Beth Hood

We know what productivity means……. working harder, working faster doing more with what you have and making efficiencies – surely?

Well, not necessarily…

Strangely enough, workplace productivity is far more closely linked to engagement than we imagine.  The link between levels of employee motivation, mission support and personal investment to measurables like employee turnover (costly), brand erosion (possibly costlier) and profit loss (often the costliest) has been proven time and again.

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Suspect a Team Member is struggling with managing pressure?

Posted by Doug Osborne

As a team leader or line manager how do you notice when one of the team is beginning to show signs that they are struggling with managing pressure? Here are some signs to look out for:

  • A drop in productivity
  • A change in the quality of their work
  • A change in their attitude
  • A sense of withdrawal
  • They become less communicative

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Want to Improve Workplace Wellbeing? Invest in Managers

Posted by Annemarie Estess

In order to shift the culture around mental health and if we want to improve workplace wellbeing, invest in managers. Good people managers are crucial.

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