Conversations are the foundation of so many things. Understanding, decisions, relationships, progression, clarity, direction… and when conversations are done badly over time the very same things erode.

We have been thinking about conversations this week and decided to look for some inspiration on TED. This talk by Celeste Headlee is so simple (and fun!) and we feel really aligned to it here at Aspire.

Some of our favourite parts are around listening which is an extremely powerful connecting skill.



So often we think the speaker has all the power, but this isn’t the case. Listening is active, not passive. And the good news is we can improve our listening skills and gain so much more from every conversation.

Besides, as Celeste reminds us, ‘no man ever listened his way out of a job!’.

So, this week at Aspire we are enjoying considering these 10 amazing tips and listening to each other. Why don’t you join us and let us know how it goes?

Or if you’d like to learn a bit more about the power of listening and conversations why not have a look at our courses in networking and influencing and communication skills?