A Networking Training Session

Business networking events can be a daunting prospect:

Standing on the side-lines looking out at a sea of unknown faces, not knowing where to begin, how to join a group or individual and get beyond the small talk of, “What do you do?”, or the weather.

Worse, the one person you want to talk to is surrounded by people and there seems to be no way in…

Our courses are delivered either live online or face to face – check the dates below for more information

Our popular networking training session provides a lively, practical approach with tools and techniques for meeting new people, creating and maintaining meaningful conversations, working the room, and nurturing good business relationships, not only at networking events but in our working lives.

And all within your own personal style.

Networking Programme Learning Outcomes

On our Networking training course you will:

  • Learn how to join and leave groups with ease
  • Gain confidence in introducing yourself to others
  • Learn how to change your impact so others feel comfortable talking to you
  • Explore and practice different ways of creating and building rapport
  • Practice techniques for starting, maintaining, and influencing conversations
  • Learn how to recognise and make use of non-verbal boundaries in a networking situation
  • Understand how to use business cards effectively
  • Find out how to maintain a relationship beyond the networking event

Here’s a selection of exercises from our public Networking Training Course Session:

  • Our top ten tips
  • Preparing to network
  • Playing the Host
  • Handshakes that have an impact
  • Appearing confident
  • Joining and leaving groups
  • Approaching strangers
  • Entry and exit lines
  • Getting away
  • Rapport building
  • Being interested
  • Business Cards
  • Building business relationships

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