Ever had a personal training session?

Recently my gym asked for some feedback from their members on how it had all been going. I told them about my experiences and made some fairly tongue in cheek comments about Abercrombie models and Birds of a Feather characters (I’ll leave you to decide which was me) and lo and behold I won a set of 5 training sessions.

I was thrilled.

You see, I am someone who hides in the back row. I can make it look like I’m working hard, but often I’m only sort of… bobbing about and no one really notices.

The first session was quite different. 30 minutes of pure, focused attention. Every challenging exercise was designed to work on everything I had been avoiding but needed help with.

All the way through I was completely engaged, and sure that this Abercrombie model had designed everything specifically for me, so I worked harder than I ever had before.

It reminded me of Aspire and what I love about the way we work. Read more