In this great Ted talk by Shawn Achor entitled The Happy Secret to Better Work he is not only giving an example of a brilliant presentation (some great ideas to steal here!) but also, eloquently and sometimes hilariously, he outlines why it’s a good idea to think positively about life and work.


So, he tells us, in days gone by his little sister fell awkwardly onto her hands and knees from the top bunk. To distract her from her pain he pointed out that she looked like a unicorn and, indeed, probably was one.
He quickly looked for and saw the positive in the situation and she was happy.

And happiness, it seems, like the unicorn has a magic of its own. Surprisingly, it supercedes IQ as a key ingredient to being an effective and successful person.

This is why in all our training programmes we try to focus on working with peoples’ strengths… and it’s not always easy. Read more