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Archive for the ‘Management’ Category

Making a change stick

Posted by Bronia Szczygiel

Have you ever tried to change something, give something up or start something new and not managed it very well?

Like going to the gym.

You know it’s a good idea and there are lots of reasons why you should go, but after going once or twice the motivation fades and you give up.

Or giving up alcohol.

Again, a great idea – at this time of year many of us are convinced we need to drink less – but after a week or two of moderation we’re back in our usual pattern.

What does it take to break the pattern and make a change like that successful?


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How to be funny

Posted by Bronia Szczygiel

That title has set me up for a fall right from the word go hasn’t it?

I’m sure comedians hate it when, in their personal life, someone says ‘Go on then: be funny!’

So is there a formula for being funny? And why should we even bother to try?

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Walk a mile in their moccasins

Posted by Bronia Szczygiel

We’re often asked whether we ever find it difficult to do the stuff that we train others to do – like understanding where someone else is coming from or how they are motivated.

And the answer is a resounding


If we didn’t we wouldn’t be human.

It takes effort, time and energy – so it’s got to be worth it.

And some people are just not worth the effort!

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