Who I work with

My coaching work is about empowering new and experienced leaders to lead authentically, with confidence. I primarily work with professionals in their first leadership role and leaders looking to advance into a senior role.

Additionally, I coach teams to develop a deeper understanding of how they are functioning as a unit in order to improve team relationships and performance.

I work alongside managers and leaders to help them understand and articulate the challenges they face. I partner with them to find sustainable solutions to deal with issues such as leading others, managing difficult relationships, creating impact, enhancing wellbeing, setting boundaries, work/life balance, creating career clarity, and developing confidence. My work is about enabling others and sustainable change. To that end, I work with leaders to enhance their leadership effectiveness through utilising coaching skills, enhancing their interpersonal effectiveness, and strengthening their leadership identity and voice.

My coaching approach

As a Psychologist and Executive Coach, I bring my natural curiosity, compassion, and warmth to my coaching approach, which is grounded in scientific research and empirical data. Utilising psychologically informed approaches that draw upon systemic, cognitive-behavioural, social, and strengths-based psychology approaches, my clients value my flexibility and fidelity to the evidence-base. I am a licensed test user of the Saville Wave psychometric assessments and trained in assessment methods (multi-rater feedback, questionnaire design, behavioural observation, and interviews), which underpin my coaching methodology. I work sensitively with peoples’ psychological discomfort to enable them to enhance their self-awareness about the under-the-surface limiting beliefs and assumptions blocking their development. I partner with my clients to help them feel safe yet challenged to create new insights and behavioural change.