My background is as a theatre maker. I studied acting at Rose Bruford College, am co-Artistic director of a theatre company and Chair of the Board of Trustees of an Arts Charity.

I went into theatre because I was interested in stories, and when I moved into directing, I found that just as important as the story the actors were telling the audience, was the stories they were telling themselves. What internal narratives were holding them back? How could they show self-leadership to build their craft as they wanted?

These questions inform my executive coaching – developing performance in all senses. My passions are leadership and strategic planning and the aim of my coaching is to help clients lead themselves and plan a path forward.

A good story challenges the audience to think differently and in the 6 years I have been working as an executive coach I seek to help people think about and then approach situations from new perspectives.

I use elements of many different executive coaching methodologies, most notably NLP (in which I have a Diploma), Motivational Interviewing, and Transactional Analysis. Alongside insightful questions and reflecting back what I have heard, I introduce challenges and ideas to develop awareness and skill.