I mix a background in physics with expertise in coaching, communication, and wellbeing to support you on your leadership journey.

My approach is both creative and analytical, bringing together evidence-based methods that best fit your situation.

An international life further adds to the perspectives we can bring to our work.

I have been an executive coach for 6+ years. In that time, I coached CEO’s and leaders across many sectors, from the founders of a $50m EdTech fund to the Head of Risk at Google Cloud.

Executive Coaching Experience

With several hundreds of hours of coaching (PCC ICF accredited), my clients have included CEOs, lawyers, directors, heads of schools, entrepreneurs, scientists, and managers.

While the topics covered in coaching have been as varied as my clients, some of the themes have included:

  • Creating an inspiring vision for the company or department
  • Tackling conflict
  • Developing emotional mastery
  • Improving relationships
  • Increasing inclusivity
  • Adjusting levels of assertiveness
  • Delegating to & empowering the team
  • Taking one’s mindset to the next level

I taught a coaching course at Regents University through which I trained over 1300 people to become coaches for Animas Centre for Coaching.

I was Head of Executive Coaching for a diversity and inclusion consultancy where I built a global team of 40+ coaches and designed programmes and created new models to support leaders on a journey of inclusivity.

I’m currently on the board of the International Coaching Federation as Director of Professional Development and I’m passionate about influencing the coaching industry to integrate more deeply and safely in society.

Through my ongoing commitment to improving the education system I coach young people and staff on wellness and performance at DLD College on Westminster Bridge and support them in creating a systemic coaching culture.

Finally, I volunteer coach for the Humanitarian Coaches Network and EthicalCoach.


Transformational Coaching Diploma, Animas Centre for Coaching

Relationship Coaching, Animas

Group & Team Coaching, Animas

Lewis Deep Democracy level 1 & 2, Perspectivity (systemic coaching)

Accredited Mediator, London School of Mediation

Foundations, Organisational Systems and Relationship Coaching (ORSC)

Diploma in Coaching Supervision, International Centre for Coaching Supervision

Hogan Assessment Certification, Hogan Assessments

Introduction to Internal Family Systems, IFS Institute

Executive Background

My style is also informed by an eclectic background. I’ve lived and grown up in several countries (USA, Italy, Libya, Netherlands, Egypt, UK, France), have a Masters in Physics from Bath University, did research at the ESRF particle accelerator, did a post graduate certificate in education at King’s College to then teach physics for some years, before starting my own executive coaching business after training as a coach.

For well over a decade now, I’ve had a fervent passion for understanding the universe of the mind and have absorbed a whole library of work on cognitive neuroscience and psychology which I bring into coaching when needed. All knowledge that was thoroughly tested in 2019** when I undertook 8 months of antimicrobial chemotherapy for a life-threatening leg infection.

** To top it off, just as the treatment was coming to an end, I got hit by a motorbike! This was a great test for a coaching mindset and turned into a wonderful opportunity for growth.

Coaching Philosophy

We often ask, “What you want to achieve?”, it is rarer to ask, “Who do you want to become?”.

By identifying and shifting beliefs at a fundamental level you gain access to solutions you could not see before and, along with those new perspectives, you may find renewed motivation and energy.

Of course, awareness of useful or limiting beliefs is only part of the equation. It needs to be reinforced by consistent action and (if needed) particular tools that will support your new behaviours. For this reason we also create strong a commitment structure to support your focus and consistent growth.

My approach is integrative and spans several areas of psychology in order to best fit the nature of your challenge:

  • Person-centred (for an empathetic, non-judgemental space),
  • Cognitive-Behavioural Coaching (to identify and challenge limiting beliefs),
  • Transactional Analysis (to understand relationship dynamics),
  • Gestalt (experiential, presence based approach),
  • NLP (uses visualisations and behavioural ‘re-programming’),
  • Narrative (to notice the ‘scripts’ you are following and rewrite the ‘story’ you want to create),
  • Adult Development (a roadmap to think in more complex ways)
  • and Internal Family System (for deeper work on your relationship to yourself).

In a nutshell, this means I can tailor the approach to your needs, whether you prefer a more structured and analytical conversation, or an out-of-the-box creative one, whether you’d like a trusted confidant to explore your blind spots, or a supportive challenger pushing you to your highest performance