Executive Coaching Approach

Behind every system of actions is a system of beliefs… The ultimate form of intrinsic motivation is when a habit becomes part of your identity

James Clear

We often ask what you want to achieve, it is rarer to ask, who do you want to become?

My coaching is based on the idea that the most sustainable change starts with the exploration your paradigm, your view of the world. By identifying and shifting beliefs at this fundamental level you then have access to new solutions you could not see before and, along with those new perspectives, you may find renewed motivation and energy.

Of course, awareness of the beliefs that work and don’t work for you is only part of the equation. It needs to be reinforced by consistent action and (if needed) particular tools that will support your new behaviours. For this reason, we will also create strong commitment structures that can help you stay focus on your growth.

My approach is integrative and spans several areas of psychology in order to best fit the nature of your challenge: Person-centred (for an empathetic, non-judgemental space), Cognitive-Behavioural Coaching (to identify and challenge limiting beliefs), Transactional Analysis (to understand relationship dynamics), Gestalt (experiential, presence based approach), NLP (uses visualisations and behavioural ‘re-programming’), Narrative (to notice the ‘scripts’ you are following and rewriting the ‘story’ you want to create) . 

In a nutshell, this means I can to tailor my approach to your needs, whether you prefer a more structured and analytical conversation, or an out-of-the-box creative one, whether you’d like a trusted confidant to explore your blind spots, or a supportive challenger pushing you to your highest performance.




My style is also informed by an eclectic background. I’ve lived and grown up in several countries (USA, Italy, Libya, Netherlands, Egypt, UK, France), have a Masters in Physics from Bath University, did research at the ESRF particle accelerator, did a post graduate certificate in education at King’s College to then teach physics for some years, before starting my own executive coaching business after training as a coach with a diploma from Animas Coaching. In addition, I’ve achieved the Associate Certified Coach (ACC) accreditation from the International Coaching Federation. 

Throughout this journey I’ve had a fervent passion for understanding the universe of the mind and have been absorbing, for years, a whole library of work on cognitive neuroscience and psychology which I bring into my coaching when needed.


Executive Coaching Experience


With hundreds of hours of coaching, my private practice clients have included lawyers, executives, heads of schools, entrepreneurs, scientists, and managers. You can see some of my recommendations on LinkedIn, including recently from the London Institute of Banking and Finance. While the topics covered in coaching have been as varied as my clients, the main themes have been around: Developing an inspiring vision for the company or department, tackling conflict, and adjusting levels of assertiveness.

I teach a coaching course at Regents University through which I’ve now trained nearly one thousand people to become coaches for Animas Centre for Coaching.Additionally, through my ongoing commitment to improving the education system, I’ve been coaching young people on wellness and performance at DLD College on Westminster Bridge towards creating a systemic coaching culture.