Background and approach

As a coach I weave together my academic background in social and behavioural sciences with formal coaching training, industry experience, and decades of professional dance and athletics. I draw on these disciplines to craft an approach for you that is versatile and refreshing. 


I earned a Master’s degree in Sociology from Stanford University, where I focused on issues of behavior change, wellbeing and longevity. I formally trained as a coach with CTI and hold a Certified Professional Co-Active™ Coach credential and a PCC designation with the International Coach Federation. 


I currently work with clients across organisations in Europe and the U.S. as a leadership coach and mental health coach. 


Who I work with

Over the years I have partnered with individuals and team-coaching clients from an eclectic mix of industries including technology, education, finance, event production, charity and construction.


I work primarily with rising leaders. You may be preparing to step into a formal leadership role for the first time or are already leading and looking to advance.


I’ve supported clients on topics such as:


  • Clarifying and claiming your brand as a leader
  • Examining how you define success 
  • Managing self-doubt and ‘inner critic’ thoughts
  • Recognising and working with team dynamics
  • Influencing and gaining buy-in
  • Approaching difficult conversations 
  • Setting expectations and boundaries 
  • Elevating presentations and speaking skills
  • Addressing issues of stress and burnout 


Why I coach

Coaching is, quite frankly, one of the most rewarding professions I could imagine. It is an opportunity to serve as a thought partner and confidant as you, the client, recognise the ingredients in life that make you feel truly strong, connected and fulfilled. 


I find that coaching enables the deeper-dive work that is needed to make meaningful changes in mindset and behaviour. It’s a collaborative relationship filled with mutual respect and, more often than not, a real sense of joy.