Executive Coaching Experience and Background

I have worked extensively as an Executive Coach throughout the corporate, government, charity and education arenas and have provided clear, practical support and in-depth expertise to many people over a thirty-year period. My main focus now is working with individuals in leadership roles, or with those about to step into them.

I am calm, kind and friendly. I combine natural empathy with creativity and a solid grasp of strategy, meaning you receive support on many levels. I have built up expertise in familiarising myself very quickly with the intricacies of organisations and the leadership issues people face – enabling me to provide focused, useful help from the moment we start working together.

My coaching is underpinned by psychotherapeutic principles with an emphasis on understanding where you are now, where you want to be and providing practical, doable solutions to get you there. I use a variety of many different coaching methodologies – Cognitive Behavioural Coaching, NLP, Motivational Interviewing and Transactional Analysis.

How can Coaching help?

Through Executive Coaching I help people develop their talent, extend their skills and successfully take their next step.  Hurdles can be overcome, tricky situations or people managed and targets and goals reached. Everyone gains a fresh perspective along with a huge library of proven tools and relevant strategies applicable to their individual situation.  Improved leadership capacity and enhanced influencing skills are very popular focus areas. For the former I help individuals make the most of every conversation, meeting and opportunity they are presented with, and working on the latter enables people to extend the capabilities and performance of both themselves and the teams they lead.

I listen carefully to my clients ahead of reflecting back and presenting a range of things to try. Together we agree which of the proven strategies suit the individual and the work-place situations you are in. You will tell me which feel ‘doable’. You’ll go away with a clear Next Step plan. (We can share your success in a second session or over the phone – it’s good to have a Coach to tell because, as small tweaks are most effective and sustainable, no-one else is aware of what you’re doing and why they are responding differently!)  My work often results in increased levels of confidence in both business and personal arenas.