What I do

As a coach, I create a safe and engaging environment where clients are supported to awaken their best thinking, to consider different ideas, and to look at things from new perspectives. I use creative coaching tools, playful exploration, and the simple power of listening, empowering clients to discover their ‘inner brave’, break through barriers, and redefine themselves.

Who I work with

I support clients from a range of different industries and walks of life, often when they want or need to take on new challenges, be it through a career or life transition, or have a desire to step up and out of their comfort zones. We work together to find and understand what I call their ‘inner brave’, which is the force inside us all which pushes us forwards, and opens doors to new possibilities. We also examine the barriers that are getting in the way of this, and consider ways to work with them positively and constructively.

I have worked with clients around topics including:

  • Career and life transitions
  • International working
  • Self-esteem and confidence
  • Personal impact
  • Limiting beliefs
  • Imposter syndrome

Why coaching?

Coaching helps you to:

  • understand yourself better – your drivers, your motivations, your inner beliefs
  • identify barriers that are holding you back, and consider ways to work with them
  • build self-confidence and self-belief
  • take time to listen to your own unique voice and learn to trust it
  • consider things from different, often illuminating, perspectives
  • reflect on and improve relationships
  • set goals and define brave pathways forward

That being said, I fundamentally believe that every client is a unique, wonderful human being, with their own individual needs and desires. Whatever their path, I connect with all my clients with compassion and empathy. Everyone is on their own journey, and my bespoke coaching style supports the needs of each individual client so that they can reach their own full potential.

Kate is very skilled at playing back what she’s heard, guiding the conversation through a process of understanding, and then offering really practical tools to help break patterns of thinking. I left each session feeling really motivated and inspired, and feeling like I’d learned heaps.

Sarah Dickinson, small business owner, parent, and yogi.