My fascination with coaching started when I was coached as an executive head teacher. Having received my professional coaching qualification through the European Mentoring and Coaching Council, I now realise that this fascination has been with me all along.

As a teacher and school leader I was intrigued by people’s stories, backgrounds and what drove them or inspired them to do what they do. I was more concerned with how children and adults develop, learn, think, explore, unpick, problem solve, overcome and succeed than I was with test results. As an actor I love playing with choices, exploring relationships, what makes us tick, what motivates us, how can we open our eyes to a panoramic lens of opportunities and possibilities when faced with so much pressure externally and internally. Now I get to explore these fascinations professionally. A role I take incredibly seriously and ensure my theoretical knowledge and understanding is always up to date.

My executive coaching approach is open, warm and built on trust. I see the coachee as the world leading expert of themselves, and trust and believe in their resourcefulness. I have worked tirelessly over the 2 years I have been building my coaching practice to build a large number of hours coaching individuals groups and teams. A coaching session with me is playful and light whilst at the same time being sharp and challenging. Previous coachees have described leaving coaching sessions feeling heard, empowered, focussed, emboldened, ready for action and re-energised.

How does the coaching work?

We start by digging into what you wish to get out of the coaching sessions.

I like to ask ‘if it were to happen in our sessions together, what is the best that could happen?’

From here we  break down what the purpose of the coaching really means to you and how, together, we can embark on this part of your journey.

I do not advise, judge or criticise, I listen, question and reflect.

I have a number of exercises, tools and techniques to offer you to explore including Transactional Analysis.

Each session is then dependent on you to set the agenda with regular reviews along the way to check how close we are to the goals or outcomes you set at the beginning.

Previous successes have included:

  • securing the right change in career the coachee was seeking
  • securing a promotion
  • improved confidence in a new role as a senior leader
  • improved professional relationships
  • improved presentation skills
  • securing a place at Stella Adler drama school in New York
  • feeling greater clarity and connection to the purpose behind the client’s job