All our courses are available delivered face-to-face or live online with our expert facilitators

A One Day Public Speaking Training Course

Are you looking to really take on the challenge of public speaking?

Do you want to get your message across in a dynamic and modern way – fit for the 21st Century?

And do you want to finally get on top of any nerves and allow your truly confident self to shine through?

This course is specially designed for people like you who really want to step up their game and make an impact when they speak in public whether that’s at a meeting, at a dinner, or at a large conference in a theatre or lecture hall.

Public Speaking Training Courses in London or Online

We take a fresh and very practical approach to public speaking that blows away the cobwebs and we promise to show you ways to make the whole experience positive from planning through to delivery.

Learn by Doing

This is definitely a course for those who want to get up and learn by doing.

We underpin all our work with solid research and theory but the main focus of the day is all about you standing up and doing the talking while we get to work with all our expertise in performance and business to challenge and support you. Our aim is for you to feel confident and enthusiastic to try new ideas and really engage your audience.

Public Speaking Learning Outcomes

As a result of attending our public speaking training courses you will:

  • Have a positive analysis of your strengths as a speaker
  • Understand what to focus on to create the impact you choose
  • Learn how the professionals tackle the fear of public speaking
  • Discover how to bring an authentic approach to public speaking
  • Understand how to create special moments that the audience will remember
  • Learn and practice techniques for structuring, creating, and telling a great story
  • Learn how to use pictures and props for high impact
  • Learn tools and techniques to really engage and surprise the audience
  • Gain confidence in presenting to a range of different audiences in different arenas
  • Practice creating and running a successful Q&A session with flair!
  • Learn how to be a much more confident and authentic speaker

Here are some of the exercises we may include in our Public Speaking Training Courses:

  • Brilliant Public Speakers
  • Face to face Communication – What’s happening?
  • Fear of Public Speaking
  • Handling Nerves
  • Your Story
  • Feedback on your Public Speaking Skills
  • Using Your Emotional Dial
  • Voice
  • Body Language
  • Storytelling for Different Audiences
  • Words
  • Structure
  • Metaphor
  • The Page Turner
  • Creating a Sense Of…
  • A STAR Moment
  • Different Arenas
  • Prepared Speeches
  • Question & Answer sessions

If you’re looking for a public course for an individual, we include public speaking on our Presentation Skills public course.

To book an in-house public speaking course please contact us today.