All our courses are available delivered face-to-face or live online with our expert facilitators

Unique Presentation Skills Training for Technical Specialists

For a number of years now we’ve been helping technical specialists, financiers, scientists, and engineers to communicate their complex ideas in a way that everyone from Nobel Prize winners to school kids can understand.

Our unique combination of techie and creative backgrounds, with a big dollop of business sense, brings out the best in technical presenters. If you have complex ideas to convey and would like to know how to make them interesting and comprehensible to the layman or woman, read on.

We offer a range of tips, tools and techniques from the performance arts, science, psychology and business and encourage you to use the full range of your capabilities to make your message accessible.

We use video and playback so that you can see the results for yourself and gain from the feedback of others.

With a maximum of six people on each course there’s plenty of time for individual coaching.

Presenting for Technical Specialists Learning Outcomes

On this presentation skills courses you will develop your ability to:

  • Speak with knowledge and confidence, overcoming any nerves
  • Use your personality and unique presentation style for maximum impact
  • Understand and use body language and vocal techniques
  • Convey complex technical concepts in an engaging way
  • Relate technical content to the real world
  • Address different levels of understanding in the audience
  • Handle other experts in the audience with care
  • Deal with difficult questions
  • Design and get the best out of PowerPoint slides

Here are some of the exercises we may include in our Presentation Skills Course:

  • The Aspire Presentation Checklist
  • Filming and Playback
  • The Three Vs – Verbal Vocal, and Visual
  • Butterflies – Handling Nerves and Public Speaking Fears
  • Being Knowledgeable
  • Left and Right Brain Approaches
  • Vehicles for Your Message
  • Making the Point
  • Setting the Technical Context
  • Structuring Your Presentation
  • The Power of PowerPoint
  • Using Space and Gestures
  • Different Levels of Understanding
  • Dealing with Questions
  • Handling Experts in the Audience

Our Presenting for Technical Specialists Training Course is currently run as a tailored in-house course. We can provide one or two day courses or we are happy to work one to one. Ask for a free Aspire presentation skills document and see our blog for tips for great presentations. If you are hoping to book onto a public course, we recommend having a look at our Presentation Skills course.