Our Presentation Skills courses are delivered face to face but talk to us if you’d like to do it online! Please check the dates below.

A One Day Presentation Skills Training Course

Come on our Presentation Skills training course if you’re interested in taking your Presentation Skills to the next level.

Whether you’re a seasoned presenter or just starting out, we can help you to raise your game, build your confidence, and make your presentations memorable.

We’ll show you how to create an interactive presentation and handle difficult people with ease, so that your audience is really engaged,

If nerves are an issue for you, we’ll show you how to bring them under control.

The course content is tailored to you and your skill level and with a maximum of six people on each course there’s time for plenty of practice.

Presentations Skills Learning Outcomes

On our presentation skills courses you will develop your ability to:

  • Speak with confidence and overcome nerves
  • Present with impact when working remotely online
  • Engage the audience using a variety of physical and verbal techniques
  • Bring dry material to life
  • Consciously create the impact you choose
  • Bring an authentic approach to every presentation
  • Structure your presentation to suit the audience
  • Design and get the best out of PowerPoint slides
  • Handle the most difficult questions or people with flair

Here are some of the exercises we may include in our Presentation Skills Course:

  • What Makes a Great Presenter
  • Your Personal Presentation Style
  • The ASPIRE mnemonic
  • Handling Nerves and Public Speaking Fears
  • Unpicking the Presentation Dynamic – Verbal Vocal, and Visual
  • Using Your Voice Effectively
  • Good Body Language
  • Structuring your Presentation
  • Making it Memorable
  • Using PowerPoint
  • Appealing to Different Audiences
  • Using Space and Gestures
  • Left and Right Brain
  • Handling Difficult Questions

Our Presentation Skills Training Courses can be tailored in-house to address specific issues and levels of experience within your company. We can provide one or two day courses or we are happy to work one to one. Ask for a free Aspire presentation skills document and see our blog for tips for great presentations.