A One Day Management Communication Skills Training Course

All courses are available face-to-face or live online with our facilitators.

Sometimes when we communicate with others there is a mismatch between what we mean and how it is understood. 

So on this one day Management Communication Skills training course we explore the dynamics of communication, covering body language, voice and use of space with lots of tools and techniques to support good communication skills.

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Communication Skills Learning Outcomes

Participants on this Management Communication Skills training course will:

  • Understand the communication process and how to cope when it breaks down
  • Learn the importance of trust in management communication
  • Understand the elements that make up the communication dynamic
  • Learn practical skills in voice and body language and proxemics
  • Understand their personal impact
  • Learn to recognise their patterns of behaviour
  • Learn how their assumptions about life affect themselves and others incommunication
  • Widen their choices of behaviour to create a different effect
  • Gain tools for dealing with other people
  • Learn how to manage meetings without chairing them
  • Learn how to set boundaries whilst retaining a “Can do” persona
  • Gain practical tools for handling real communication

Communication Skills Training Course in London

Some examples of exercises we may include in our Management Communication Skills Training Course are:

  • The Communication Process
  • Avoiding saying what you are thinking
  • Dynamics of management communication
  • It’s the way that you say it…
  • Verbal Vocal, and Visual.
  • Body Language and Proxemics
  • Personal impact
  • What do you believe?
  • Patterns of behaviour
  • Communicating at meetings
  • Boundaries and Delegation
  • Your issue or theirs- real communication skills examples

For a public communication skills training course take a look at our Influencing and Communications course. Or to book an in-house tailored, communication skills training course please contact us today.