This half day course is aimed at optimising team effectiveness while working remotely. We focus on crystallising your team’s identity and collective purpose to engage its members more than ever before.

Getting the best out of working in a team can be difficult. When you’re managing remote teams these challenges can become even harder. When it works well people can feel really motivated. At other times, people might feel increasingly disconnected and productivity and efficiency may drop off.

We examine what builds great team performance and how to maintain it. This is in the day to day practicalities and methods of communication and identifying possibilities for cross-working and collaboration.

This workshop can be designed as a one off team session or can form part of an on-going team coaching engagement where the following areas might be explored:

  • Effective interpersonal communication strategies
  • Flexing personality styles
  • Handling conflict
  • Deepening levels of trust and positivity
  • Developing shared values and behaviours

Let us know if you would like us to use instruments to help diagnose and support team requirements such as 360s and MBTI.

Team Effectiveness Online Course

As a result of attending this team effectiveness training course your team will:

  • Develop new awareness of each other’s perspectives, attitudes and approaches
  • Learn about each other’s strengths and what that brings the team as a whole
  • Understand the team’s unique qualities and strengths     and how it might be perceived externally
  • Practiced managing difficult reactions that come from people working under pressure
  • Decide on practical ways to work together more effectively online
  • Build deeper levels of trust and understanding

Here are some exercises we include in our Team Effectiveness Course:

  • Dreams for the team – high and low
  • The team as one entity
  • Uncovering Patterns
  • Unhelpful behaviours
  • Creating Team norms
  • The external view of the team
  • Appreciating each other
  • Group and individual commitments

To book an in-house remote team effectiveness training course delivered live online please contact us today.