Many of us have experienced boring and awkward virtual meetings. The ones where a few people do an information “download” to the group while everyone else zones out and checks email. Or the ones where people interrupt each other so frequently that it feels a bit pointless to speak up. And yet like it or not, online meetings have become our new daily reality.

In this half day course, facilitated live online, we explore what makes online meetings not just tolerable – but brilliant!

The session is interactive,  engaging and fun. We explore some of the the psychological games and group dynamics that commonly occur in meetings and provide practical tips and techniques for dealing with them.

Participants will have the opportunity to practice these tools, to increase their confidence in their  facilitation skills, so they are  able to run brilliant virtual meetings every time.

Specifically we look at ways to create:

Focus  so that meetings don’t stray off the agenda and are kept to time

Safety for all participants to feel comfortable enough to contribute during the meeting

Engagement throughout the meeting, so people aren’t led to multitask in the background or tune out

Clarity on the meeting purpose and takeaways

Enjoyment so that people want to be involved and look forward to the next time you’re hosting the meeting

This course can be run in house tailored to your needs as a team or organisation. Please get in touch for in house enquiries

Learning Outcomes

As a result of attending this course you will be able to:

  • Thoughtfully prepare the meeting purpose, technology and content
  • Set the tone as the facilitator for the meeting you’re hosting
  • Invite meaningful contributions from all voices in the meeting
  • Keep your participants engaged and interested
  • Recover when things go off plan
  • Wrap up the meeting with strong closure and useful takeaways