This half-day online course will give you a practical approach to developing your people, enabling them to grow, flourish and succeed.

When people are working from home, it can be tempting to focus on day-to-day issues, rather than a longer-term strategy. Developing our team becomes a secondary concern. Ironically, it’s when people are working independently that it’s crucial that they are developing both their skills and mindset to flourish in a more agile and self-motivated environment.

In this module we give managers the tools to up-skill their teams, facilitate a growth mindset, and have crucial career conversations. We have distilled the key skills and techniques that you will need to effectively coach and develop your staff for high performance.

We’ll work with everyone’s individual situation and build the content around your challenges and needs.

As with all our courses it’s practical, interactive and experiential.

Learning outcomes

As a result of attending this online programme, participants will:

  • Have tools to build skills in developing the performance of team members
  • Know how to build a growth mindset in others
  • Be able to plan career conversations for their team
  • Have increased confidence in their own ability to manage and lead