In this half-day online, session, participants have the opportunity to discover how to stay connected, build rapport from afar, set virtual boundaries, and capitalise on ways of working to suit their own individual needs.

We’ve worked with hundreds of Line Managers over the years and we frequently hear the challenges that remote working brings.

Whether you have been working remotely for a while or whether you’re new to it, we are offering a 4-hour remote workshop to give you practical tools and ideas to develop team cohesion, build relationships, support inclusion, and create a culture of feedback.

Just like our face-to-face courses, this module is fun, interactive and highly engaging.

This course can be run in-house tailored to your needs as a team or organisation. Please get in touch for in-house enquiries

Learning outcomes

By the end of the session participants will be able to:

  • Get to grips with, and learn to thrive in, a remote working environment
  • Build relationships online
  • Make an impact on a virtual platform and build connections
  • Flex their communication style and listening levels to best suit the conversation
  • Understand their own communication styles and that of others
  • Apply an opportunity mindset to remote working
  • Organise their space, their time and their attitude to set new boundaries and patterns of working
  • Apply the tools and models covered to their own situations