This half day online programme is designed for anyone wanting to create a more empowered and growth-oriented culture in their teams – particularly in the current circumstances.

Feedback can be hard to give at the best of times; sometimes we lack the information required to give it well; sometimes we avoid it for fear of the other person’s reaction; and other times we are just not sure what words work best.

At this difficult time, some of these challenges might be accentuated. This programme will focus on enabling managers and team members to confidently handle feedback conversations in order to achieve the change they want whilst maintaining connected and positive relationships in their teams.

We will work in our usual interactive and highly engaging way: with plenty of attention on each individual so that we can flex the content according to what people most need. We include fun practical exercises for people to try out some of the ideas and techniques along the way, best preparing them for their real feedback conversations!

This course can be run in house tailored to your needs as a team or organisation. Please get in touch for in house enquiries

Learning outcomes

As a result of attending this online programme, participants will:

  • Understand how working remotely might affect their feedback conversations
  • Learn how to deliver difficult feedback messages whilst maintaining positive working relationships online
  • Be aware of their patterns of behaviour generally when it comes to delivering tough feedback messages
  • Be able to consciously choose how to give the feedback according to the individual, the situation and their desired outcome
  • Know how to give effective feedback upwards
  • Learn about how people might react to feedback and why, and be able to deal with difficult reactions, especially on the phone or online
  • Practise giving and receiving feedback in a safe and fun way
  • Understand the value of building an organisational culture where feedback is regularly given and received