This course is currently delivered face-to-face or live online with our expert facilitators

A one day Project Management Training Course

Whether you’re planning the rollout of a new IT System or a holiday to the Bahamas, you will carry out the basic tasks involved in managing any project. So how should you do it?

Project management is something that most people do without even realizing it.

It’s possible to plan a project using a complex project management system, or the back of an envelope. It’s a case of finding the most appropriate method for your project. The real skill comes in bringing the project to a successful conclusion and to do that you need to have everyone on board, pulling their weight and communicating effectively with each other.

So on this project management training course, although we include some elements of the process, like critical path analysis and post completion reviews, the main focus is on the people management skills.

Project Management Training Course in London

Learning Outcomes

As a result of attending this project management training course you will:

  • Understand a generic project management process
  • Recognise critical elements of project implementation
  • Be able to set well defined project outcome
  • Know how to motivate yourself and others to deliver the project
  • Be able to use creative thinking techniques to overcome barriers
  • Be able to give effective feedback to project members when things are going well and when they are not
  • Improve your ability to bring projects to a successful completion
  • Recognise your own strengths as a project manager

Here is a selection of exercises from the programme:

  • Your Project
  • The Project Managers Role and You
  • Setting Project Objectives
  • Perfect Project Plans
  • Critical Paths
  • Detailed Project Planning
  • Motivating the Project Team
  • Project Communications
  • Generating Ideas
  • Making Decisions
  • Monitoring Progress
  • Giving Feedback
  • Post Completion Reviews
  • Selling Your Projects Success

To book an in-house project management training course please contact us today. If you are hoping to book onto a public course, we recommend taking a look at our Strategic Planning course.