As part of any organisational EDI strategy, it is critical that traditionally marginalised groups and individuals feel able to speak out, assert their point of view, and challenge the status quo.

This workshop sits alongside our Bridging the Gap and Creating Inclusive Team programmes, which seek to dismantle the systemic barriers to hearing diverse voices.

Our course seeks to challenge individual and cultural barriers to speaking out. The aim is  empower and upskill the individuals in diverse groups so they can make their voices heard.

Making Our Diverse Voices Heard Learning Outcomes

As a result of attending this Equality, Diversity and Inclusion programme you will:

  •  Explore your attitudes to difference, their values, and the strengths their difference bring to their organisation
  •  Challenge the assumptions you make about themselves, and others make of them
  •  Build skills in speaking with authority and using communication dynamics to make an impact
  • Practice speaking out and exploring the barriers to doing so
  •  Gain confidence in dealing with your own individual challenges as a diverse member of your organisations