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Personal Branding and Networking

A One-Day Personal Branding and Networking Training Course

Our training courses are delivered either live online or face to face – check the dates below for more information

Your personal brand is your footprint in the world – wherever you show up you leave a track of your authenticity, trustworthiness (or not!), your values, and impact.

When you put yourself out there to expand your network, what impression do people walk away with after they have met you?

This training course will help you discover your personal brand, and how it will support your networking success.

You will learn to tap into your strengths, develop your introduction, and grow a bank of resources to reach for according to the different situations and people you are meeting.

You examine the choices you can make in your personal style, from the immediate outward impact of business cards, clothes, appearance, and body language to the dynamics of the way you choose to communicate with others.

Everything from how you handle phone conversations to the email messages you send to how you conduct business in a meeting is part of the larger message you’re sending about your personal branding choices.

Having a clearer understanding of your personal brand and what you stand for will enable you to feel more confident about what ideas and messages are important to you. After all, the messages you send are ultimately what define you.

Are you the world’s best-kept secret?

You can have the best ideas and be the most exciting and innovative personal branding in the world but it will all remain under wraps unless you make your brand visible to others.

A well-defined personal brand sets you apart but building strong and memorable connections with people is fundamental to successful networking.

Business networking events can be a daunting prospect

I can be an anxious moment when you find yourself standing on the side-lines looking out at a sea of unknown faces, not knowing where to begin to introduce yourself.

How do you join a group or individual and get beyond the small talk of, “What do you do?” or the weather.

Or, worse, what do you do when the one person you want to talk to is surrounded by people and there seems to be no way in?

We guide you through a series of accessible and practical tools taht will enable you to work the room and make sure you talk to the people you choose with ease. (And plan your escape!)


On our Personal Branding and Networking training course you will:

  • Have a clear idea of your own personal branding
  • Know your assets and what ideas you have to share
  • Understand your own features and benefits within your personal brand
  • Know what your added value is
  • Create a personal value proposition and mission statement
  • Explore your footprint – understand what impression you leave behind
  • Learn how to join and leave groups with ease
  • Gain personal confidence in introducing yourself to others
  • Learn how to change your impact so others feel comfortable talking to you
  • Explore and practice different ways of creating and building rapport
  • Practice techniques for starting, maintaining, and influencing conversations
  • Learn how to recognise and make use of non-verbal boundaries in a networking situation
  • Understand how to use business cards or other keeping-in-contact tools effectively
  • Find out how to maintain a personal relationship beyond the networking event

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Using the principles of proxemics and social pressure, on this course we explore:

  • How to join and leave groups/people
  • How to meet someone specific even if you have no personal introduction
  • How to let someone else join the group and then leave yourself
  • How to use waiting staff, canapés, and drinks to your advantage!
  • How to hand someone over to another group and move on
  • How to leave a group when you feel cornered
  • Good places to start conversations
  • Introducing people to each other

Once you’re in the group, what do you talk about?

People have different views on small talk, some love it, and some hate it. So we provide easy ways to avoid the tumbleweed moments!

We investigate:

  • How to provide hooks for conversations
  • Using peoples’ names
  • The importance of acknowledgement
  • Looking for personal agreement
  • Looking for what you can offer rather than what you can get.
  • Casting bread on the water (self-disclosure and declaring statements),
  • The “How are you?” Game…

Our popular personal branding and networking training course provides a lively, practical approach with tools and techniques for meeting new people, creating and maintaining meaningful conversations, working the room, and nurturing good business relationships, not only at networking events but in your working lives.

And all within your own personal branding style.

To be interesting – be interested! – Dale Carnegie

Here’s a selection of exercises from our public Personal Branding and Networking Training Course:

  • Our top ten tips
  • Discover your personal branding and strengths
  • Outline the ideas and messages you want to share
  • Preparing to network
  • Playing the Host
  • Personal greetings that have an impact
  • Appearing confident
  • Joining and leaving groups
  • Approaching strangers
  • Entry and exit lines
  • Getting away
  • Rapport building
  • Being interested
  • Business Cards
  • Building business relationships

If there’s one message to focus on more than any other in our personal branding and networking training course it might be this: Focus on other people. Rather than looking for how people can help you in your career, look for what you can do for others. It’s a great way to build solid and lasting business relationships.