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A One Day Personal Branding Training Course

Your personal brand impacts your leadership style, the team or organisation you lead, and ultimately how you choose to live your life. Personal Branding is often thought of nowadays as a way of describing self-packaging – in other words the way in which people market and promote themselves to the outside world. Fine as far as it goes, but for us, that’s simply the icing on the cake. It’s not so much a question of what others will buy in the market place. It’s more about your own motivation and what you really want to sell that matters.

Your personal brand is within your control and can be carefully shaped and crafted according to your guiding principles. When you become aware of what you stand for you start to create a management and leadership style that is completely unique and authentic. Then you can look at how to package it up and put it out there.

Everything you do can grow and reflect your personal brand: the projects you lead, the networks you develop, the customers you delight, the initiatives you take. And it is what other people will remember about you. All the time you’re learning, growing, building relationships, and delivering great results, it’s good for you and it’s great for the company.

This programme helps you design and communicate your personal value proposition – your footprint in the world.

Personal Branding Learning Outcomes

As a result of attending this Personal Branding course participants will:

  • Have a clear idea of their own Personal Brand
  • Know their assets and what they have to sell
  • Understand the features and benefits of themselves as a product
  • Know what their added value is
  • Gain an understanding of their personal impact and natural leadership style, how they can change it to stay on brand
  • Identify opportunities to increase the visibility of their personal brand
  • Be aware of their personal beliefs, values and rules and how they are impacting on the workplace and their lives
  • Learn how to influence and communicate in a way that serves their personal brand
  • Create a resume that is unique and reflects the story of their brand
  • Understand the value of feedback and how to use it to test the impact and value of their personal brand
  • Gain a practical set of tools and techniques that can be used in networking situations
  • Create a value proposition and mission statement for themselves

Here are some of the exercises we will cover on this Personal Branding programme:

  • What is a Personal Brand and why does it matter?
  • Your Personal Brand
  • Beliefs and Values
  • Life Scripts
  • Your Strengths and Qualities
  • Features and Benefits
  • The Ideal You
  • Your Strapline
  • Managing Your Image
  • Communicating your Personal Brand – It’s You They Buy
  • Modelling Leadership Styles in Management
  • Changing Your Impact
  • Creating Visibility
  • Influencing Others
  • Building Your Personal Brand
  • Telling Your Story
  • Resumes and Marketing
  • Footprints – Your Personal Brand

Our Personal Branding course is currently run as a tailored in-house course. Ask for a free Aspire personal branding document and see our blog for tips. If you are hoping to book onto a public course, we recommend having a look at our Leadership Skills course.