Royal Academy of Engineering

The RAE is a client close to our hearts as Bronia’s engineering background (one of Britain’s few female Chartered Engineers) has influenced much of our work.

The Royal Academy of Engineering provides leadership and promotes excellence across all fields of engineering. The prestige and elevated reputation of this organisation is very well deserved.  So we are incredibly excited to continue to work with them, as well as with attendees from fellow organisations such as the British Academy, the Academy of Medical Sciences and The UK and International Chambers of Shipping.

At present at the RAE we offer highly interactive bespoke courses on Presentation Skills, Time Management, Effective Meetings, Personal Impact and Communication skills, Influencing, and Networking skills.

We launched successful new programmes on Relationship Management for them in 2016 and on Coaching for High Performance in 2017.

In 2020 we launched our online, bit-size modules for them and they proved very popular.

And now in 2022 we’re rolling out a series of face-to-face programmes to meet current needs.

Delegates regularly come on our public courses, both face-to-face and on-line – Presentation Skills, Personal Impact, and Influencing.