Warner Music

Sometimes a client comes along where we get a wee bit starstruck and that certainly happened when Warner Music approached Aspire to run some Presentation Skills training in house.

Warner Music is one of the “big three” recording companies and the third largest in the global music industry. The company owns and operates some of the largest and most successful record labels in the world, including its flagship labels Warner Bros. Records, Parlophone and Atlantic Records. WMG also owns Warner/Chappell Music, one of the world’s largest music publishers.

Liz and Imogen had a great time over a series of workshops with people from different departments looking at how they can present and pitch ideas both internally and externally.

The content of the presentations is so varied and yet always centred around a product everyone loves and has an opinion about… music.

With such a creative group of people it is easy to find ways to tell a story to the different audiences and environments they work with.

We are looking forward to more in house courses this year and are very pleased to be working with such a high profile client in the music industry.