At Aspire we have been delighted to work with Azimo, the cutting- edge Fin-tech company that is changing the way people transfer money. This dynamic organisation has a global reach with a vision to improve millions of people’s lives.

The staff at Azimo live and breathe their values, one of which is their dedication to how they communicate as an organisation, to their customers and with each other. As we have got to know them it has been clear to see what a strong and vibrant culture they have. That same openness and drive to learn has also been apparent in the training room (whether real or virtual).

Over the last 3 years we have provided a series of courses including Line Management, Presentation Skills, and most recently a Communication Skills programme. Some of the courses have been delivered face to face and some delivered live on-line.

Introducing Aspire’s dynamic and interactive style of training to an on-line platform gave us the perfect opportunity to work with Azimo’s London and Krakow offices  and share the experience across the whole organisation.

As always, with our clients, we like to develop strong lasting relationships so that we can get to know the culture, strengths and unique challenges of the staff in an organisation. One of the biggest compliments from Azimo is that they say: “We trust working with you.”

Thank you, it was the best communication training I have had….. useful content, good dynamics, keeping the audience engaged and enough practical exercise

The two trainers were so fantastic, fun and approachable – I learned a lot that I can apply back in the office.