Sally has been a facilitator and coach in the Communications Training field for over 15 years. Her degree is in Psychology and Drama which reflects her continued fascination with human behaviour and the patterns we form.

The challenges people face in navigating difficult situations and communicating with each other underpins Sally’s desire to develop and share her work.

After graduating, Sally followed a professional acting career with the Royal Shakespeare Company, TV and BBC Radio 4 (including the Archers).

I am passionate about experiential learning. Finding practical solutions to take away the mystery of human behaviour, enabling us to make significant changes in our work and personal lives.

In the training room Sally is warm, funny and engaging. She loves to make delegates feel at ease so they get the best from the training. Sally is adept at taking her large repertoire of models and theories and making them accessible for delegates.

Sally has worked with clients across the spectrum from Banking and Financial Services, Retail, Third Sector, NHS, Energy, Manufacturing, Construction, Education, Motor industry and Media. She has also worked with refugees to build confidence and young offenders to address issues using Forum Theatre.

Sally loves her work with Aspire:

What makes Aspire trainers stand out is that they really do live their values: The brand and values here are strongly held and transparent.