Welsh Government

Gemma from the Welsh Government Innovation and Engagement division contacted Aspire for a brush up on Appraisal and Performance Management skills.

This was a job for Doug Osborne and Jess Sedler; both have expertise in this area and have worked in the past for public administrative services and local government. Both are relationship specialists – and of course maintaining team relationships whilst landing difficult messages is a key balancing act when giving meaningful appraisals.

The brief was to refresh long standing line managers as well as arm new managers with the latest approaches to handling appraisal conversations.

As with many organisations, it can be difficult for managers to produce a range of appraisal results that accurately reflect individuals’ progress (or not), whilst placing feedback so that it can be responded to by team members and maintaining motivation. No small order!

The groups brought great energy, curiosity and honesty to the learning.  All welcomed the chance to up their game from the perspective of delivering appraisals and getting the most from their own.

Going through this refresher training as a division meant they now have a common language to use when talking about and conducting their appraisals – bringing consistency, transparency and renewed commitment to the process.