Stagecoach Performing Arts

Following on from Leadership Development work done by Tee, Pradeep and Kitty were really excited to work on an Equality, Diversity and Inclusion initiative for Stagecoach, part of the Trafalgar Entertainment Group.

The sessions were aimed at helping the organisation live its values and embed the “Stagecoach Way” in every part of the franchise.

To do that Pradeep worked with the Senior Leadership team on developing their understanding of the organisational culture and develop actions they could take to embed inclusion in all their work practices and leadership.

Following this Pradeep and Kitty were invited to run a workshop at the Stagecoach conference, working with franchisees.

In the beautiful environment of Stratford-Upon-Avon, we worked with the Stagecoach team to address their own unconscious biases and to develop skills in having challenging conversations.

Stagecoach’s mission to empower young people in an environment of creativity and diversity is in line with Aspire Leadership’s values and we are happy to name them among our friends and clients.

Here are some of their comments:

Great day, both thought provoking and inspiring. Pradeep facilitated the session brilliantly and everyone came away with a much better understanding of diversity issues and some great tools that will enable us to do things differently in the future.

Such an enjoyable session, particularly around unconscious bias and the internal programming we all go through throughout our lives. Those experiences possibly (for some) influence personality, preferences and values. So many takeaways and thought-provoking discussions.

A really enjoyable and informative session which provoked significant thought and reflection.

An amazing session with Pradeep exploring diversity, equality and inclusion. The section on the stories which help to shape our perspective was particularly enlightening and will really help to gain a better understanding of those we work with and want to work with in the future.